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Punchlok II Tool | Get A Loaner Tool With Punchlok Purchase

Borrow a Punchlok II tool with a Punchlok II metal decking purchase. Get a quote on Verco and Vulcraft metal deck today!

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Procedure & Guidelines

How To Get A Punchlok II® Tool For Metal Decking

Punchlok II tools will be loaned to our customers under the following guidelines:

  1. The borrower must purchase the Punchlok II metal decking from Western Metal Deck or Western States Decking, Inc.
  2. An air compressor and air hose is NOT supplied with the Punchlok II tool.
  3. A small service fee will be charged for processing the paperwork and coordinating use of the tool. The amount of the service fee is determined by the size of the job. Jobs that are 100 squares or larger will have the service fee waived.
  4. A deposit of $5,000 in the form of a company check must be provided as security for the return of the tool. This deposit check is due at the time of pick up or prior to shipment.
  5. A Punchlok II agreement must be signed by the borrower.
  6. If the tool is returned late the borrower will be charged a late fee in the amount of $ 200 per day.
  7. If the tool is not returned the deposit will be forfeited.
  8. The borrower is responsible for picking up the Punchlok II tool and returning the Punchlok II tool.
  9. If the borrower is more than 50 miles away and would rather have the Punchlok II tool shipped then they are responsible for paying the shipping costs both ways.

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How Long Can A Customer Use The Punchlok II Tool For?

The amount of time a customer can borrow the Punchlok II tool will depend on the size of the job. The larger the job, the more time a customer can borrow the tool, the smaller the job, the less time a customer will have to borrow the tool. Click on your job size below to see the timeframes.

Small Job - Under 5,000 Square Feet

The customer can borrow the tool for 3 business days.

  • Day 1: is when the customer picks up the tool, or the day the tool is received (if shipped out).
  • Day 2: the tool is used on the second day
  • Day 3: the tool is to be returned to us or shipped back to us.

In a typical 2,500 square foot job, it should take 4 hours or less to completely Punchlok the job.

Medium Job – 5,000 Square Feet to 20,000 Square Feet

Large Job – Over 20,000 Square Feet

How To Video

Ready to Learn How To Use The Punchlok II Tool?

Learn How To Install Punchlok II Metal Decking. EASY Step By Step Installation Instructions Vulcraft And Verco Punchlok II Decking. Includes Punchlok II Tool set up and maintenance, air compressor settings and set up, what a VSC2 sidelap connection should look like, how to punchlok a metal decking job, and safety procedures.

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Does Your Project Call for Punchlok II?

Next Steps for Jobs with PunchLok II Specified

If you have PunchLok II specified on your plans here’s what you need to know:

  • You must purchase Verco or Vulcraft metal decking. You cannot Punchlok another decking manufacturer’s material.
  • Find a metal decking supplier that will furnish you a Punchlok II tool.
  • Verify that you are purchasing Punchlok II metal decking and that a tool is readily available. This ensures that your metal deck has the necessary sidelap for performing a Verco Sidelap Connection (VSC2) using the PunchLok II tool.
  • Purchase and install the Punchlok II metal decking. The Punchlok II tool is only loaned out for a limited time, which is why you want to borrow the tool once you are ready to use it. Be sure to give your supplier a couple days of notice, so that they can reserve a Punchlok II tool for you.
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If you're ready to get started on your project, please begin by submitting a request for a quote. Once your request is received, a sales representative from our office will contact you. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive a response.
At we stock PunchLok II Metal Roof Deck and PunchLok II Metal Floor Deck available for same day pick up or delivery. We have PunchLok II tools available to loan out to customers who have purchased the Punchlok decking from us.

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